About Us

Established in 2007, Nar Investment Co. is a real estate investment and management company. Nar Investment Co. shows great importance to be an integral part of the regions of investment and to contribute these areas’ development. The investments in portfolio, particularly the ones in historic Galata Region constitute a sound example for this. Among the investments of Nar Investment Co. there are city hotels, residences, shopping & leisure centers, office and studio projects. Nar Investment Co. has taken action to continue its further operations as a REIT.

Mission & Vision

Mission; In accordance to reach its objectives, Nar Investment Co. takes it as a mission to develop monumental buildings by respecting urban form and history by supporting the environment, building strong strategic partnerships and using its resources efficiently.

Vision; As a real estate development and management company, Nar Investment Co. aims to grow its portfolio, diversified by projects such as office, hotel, shopping mall, residence etc. consistently and to manage its investments in pursuant of sustainable policies and devotion.