A distinctive office/studio concept in Beyoğlu right in the heart of the city there is a project that combines the texture, energy, dynamism, and transformation of Beyoğlu while surpassing all expectations of modern living: Beyoğlulook – a project that offers a work and living space to meet every active person’s dream.

A prime location, Beyoğlu – a district of vibrant streets, overflowing hub of business and social life, buildings vibrant with history, and energetic and dynamic people going about their daily lives.

Beyoğlulook sprung to life within this dynamic context with an architectural design woven into the fabric of Beyoğlu, blending the post-modern, the modern and the classical in the heart of the city.

The light, infusing the galleries of historical Beyoğlu Hans, in the corridors, and in the rooms and gardens found on each of its floors. Gardens separating the two main blocks and parallel to the main street radiate positive energy to the residents. Offices and studio spaces to fulfill the expectations of those living and working in Beyoğlu. Beyoğlulook is where dynamic people and state-of-the-art construction interact.

Bursting with energy 24/7 and bustling with life, Beyoğlulook offers many priviledges to those who live or work there, such as daily valet parking, expedited security clearance, message and document delivery to your office. You may use any of the various rooms available at beyoğlulook to accommodate your needs, such as storage and mini-conference rooms specially designed to keep your offices clutter-free. Moreover, you can spend time on your private balcony right in front of your office and, whenever you want, you can avail yourself of Beyoğlu’s varied social life.

In short, you can experience the privilege of living and working in Beyoğlu at a location with the most advanced technological infrastructure.

Web Site : http://www.beyoglulook.com