Barnathan Apartmanı

One of Istanbul’s oldest apartments, Barnathan Apartment is designed by Architect Charles Maruletto accordingly to the construction specification dated in 1882 of which opened up the opportunity for architectural conversion of Historical Galata Region. When the construction completed in 1893, accordingly to 1890s innovative “apartment” styled living, Barnathan Apartment become one of the most distinguished residential property in its region. The facade of the Barnathan Apartment facing towards “Grande Rue de Pera” as todays knowing “Istiklal Street” the most prestigious Street in Istanbul. Nar Investment Co. included Barnathen Apartment which is 2nd degree cultural and natural heritage to its portfolio. Barnathan Apartment will be renovated by protecting its historical and original identity and soon to be managed as residence & boutique hotel. The roof of Barnathan Apartment will be operated as a restourant with spectacular Golden Horn, Bosphorus, Galata Region and Istanbul view. Since Barnathan Apartment’s facade facing towards one of most touristic touristic street of Istanbul, it is being planned to position touristic retail units to take part on the ground floor.