Nar Portakal 1-2

Nar Portakal 1 & 2 located in Şimşir St. right behind Galata Tower Square where 24/7 touristic activity be observed. Just 50-60 steps away from Galata Tower. Nar Investment Co. added Nar Portakal 1 & 2 buildings to its portfolio in 2014. The properties located in a distinctive area, surrounded by middle age churches, synagogues and islamic artworks. Opening to Portakal St. which has taken its name from the Portugese jews migrated into Istanbul in the end of 15th century. Nar Portakal is just right next to the oldest and only marble workshop which provides tombstone to jewish community. Nar Portakal 1 & 2 is distanced 90 m away from ruins of one of the remaining genoese tower and 150 m from Podesta Palace (Bereket Han).